Looking for a New Adventure? Try International Teaching

International teaching is growing more and more popular and the number of opportunities is increasing every week. When you choose to work internationally you give yourself the chance to work with some of the most respected schools in some of the most interesting and exotic locations all over the world! It might not be the most obvious career move but it’s definitely a rewarding one! And therefore definitely one to consider!

There are a number of respected organisations who specialise in the recruitment of teachers in international schools which are definitely worth getting in touch with. They help to guide teachers in finding exciting opportunities for qualified, skilled, English speaking teachers in a large number of international schools in a huge variety of countries.

Four years ago Gerry and his wife Jane managed to find a placement in Mauritius for the two of them meaning they could move away together. They loved working with other internationally travelling staff from all over the world and welcomed the change in lifestyle, spending a lot more of their free time outdoors enjoying the sun and beaches. A lovely change from the fantastic British weather I’m sure we’d all agree!

“We never realised the possibilities that were out there to develop our careers as well as to travel and see different countries and cultures – to live them rather than just pass through them” – Gerry

Last year the couple relocated once again, this time to Harrow International School in Bangkok, eager to start their next adventure. They took up the opportunity to replace the quiet relaxed Mauritius school for the busy bustling city of Bangkok and the chance to work in a much bigger more well-known school. They were given the options of over 6,000 international schools to work in before choosing Harrow and greatly appreciated the advice and help they had received from international teaching organisations.

International recruitment organisations face the challenge of matching teacher’s skills and experiences with reputable schools that support their career growth and offer them the lifestyle and location they wish for. They each work with a number of respected schools around the world and successfully place hundreds of teachers each year providing a personal and reliable service to both recruiters and teachers. If you’re part of a teaching couple like Gerry and Jane, they can also cater for you too as many schools have multiple openings. These organisations can easily hunt these down to provide you with easy access to possible opportunities allowing you to take up the challenge together. They take the stress out of job hunting which can be especially hard when looking internationally. It is extremely useful to have help throughout the whole process from people who know exactly what they’re doing in order to take away the stresses and worries that come with moving away to a new and unknown place.